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Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Training Course

This Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Training Course will give you the skills to handle the media under the most difficult circumstances.

It teaches you how to prepare for a crisis, write a plan, form crisis teams, react quickly when a crisis occurs, handle journalists who doorstep you, give effective interviews to TV, radio, newspaper and online journalists, write press statements and key messages for the media, organise a press conference in a crisis, and regroup and rebuild after the crisis is over.

The Course includes table-top crisis exercises, feedback – and your questions answered by our expert.

From our base in East Sussex, we can come into your office to give the crisis training course to groups or individuals. Email us with your requirements.

The crisis training course breakdown:

What is a Crisis?
Disruption to business
Experiencing adverse publicity
Criminal allegations
Employment tribunals
How you know you are in a crisis
Crisis examples

Basics of Managing the Media in a Crisis
Preparation for a crisis
How to treat journalists
Providing accurate and appropriate information
How to handle ‘doorstepping’ journalists
Giving effective media updates
Dealing sensitively with tragedy

Crisis Communication Channels and Stakeholders
Identifying your communication channels and stakeholders
Using spider diagrams
Prioritising key stakeholders
Getting your messages for the media right
Tips for writing press statements
Press statement writing exercise and review

Media Spokespersons
Who should be your media spokesperson/s?
The qualities of a good media spokesperson
The importance of media training
Key messages in a crisis
Should you stage a crisis press conference?
Managing a crisis press conference

Overview of Managing the Media in a Crisis
Planning ahead to lessen the impact of a crisis
Putting together a crisis plan
Creating a crisis team
Table-top exercises
Drawing up crisis procedures
Internal communications in a crisis

Forming crisis teams
The Crisis Cycle
Good media handling in a crisis
Bad media handling in a crisis
Crisis exercise
What to do once the crisis is over

Questions and answers

Course tutor Ollie Wilson gained first-hand experience of managing the media in a crisis in roles as Director of Communications for the Catholic Church in England and Wales and for the country landowners of England and Wales (CLA) and the CLA Game Fair.

He worked for many years as a journalist at the Sunday Telegraph, Express Newspapers, CNN TV and the Mail on Sunday, and is a talented and accomplished copywriter and sub-editor.

He has written this crisis communication training course to give managers and team members the media relations skills they need to handle a crisis effectively.

These include: media interview techniques, press statement writing skills, handling developments in a fast-moving crisis, creating key messages in a crisis, dealing with tragic situations, staging a crisis press conference, reducing the impact of a crisis and learning from mistakes when a crisis is over.

Ollie Wilson and Laura King, an experienced presentation skills trainer, also run table-top exercise days in which groups of managers, communications teams and other relevant staff are put through their paces in a realistic and fast-moving crisis scenario.

Although based in Brighton, Sussex, they provide courses in clients’ premises throughout the UK.

Email us with your crisis management and crisis communication training needs.