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Communication Let Me Down

‘Communication let me down, And I’m left here, I’m left here’ Spandau Ballet


At MatchFit Media Training, we are continually surprised by companies we encounter who claim to specialise in communications but then do not or cannot communicate.

The same could be said for customer service providers who provide poor or non-existent customer service.

Not only is this discourteous in the extreme, it also makes us wonder how on earth these companies maintain any kind of decent customer relations and reviews.

There is no excuse for a company – communications-based or otherwise – failing to respond to an email or phone call within 24 hours and a letter within 10 working days.

Communication Let Me Down

If a member of staff is on holiday, that person should have set up the appropriate messages and nominated a colleague to take their calls and emails for them.

If the team cannot cope with the volume of communications coming in, it is time for the company to employ and train up more staff.

In addition companies staff need to read their emails properly.

Not doing so does nothing for the company’s reputation or profile.

So often you find that when you receive a response from an employee, it is on the basis of only one or two lines of your message having been read, and not the whole email.

Crisis Communication Training

Inevitably, this leads to even more messages or phone calls trying to clarify the original message.

A combination of better Crisis Communication Training and more focus on customer relations would serve British industry well – and help avoid the “Communication Let Me Down” scenario.

* This article is purely the view of the author who is a Brighton-based expert in media training and crisis management and crisis communication training and provides communication training courses in London and Sussex.

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