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Taking a Peek at the Internet

By MatchFit Media Partner Laura King It was the mid-90s and, although I worked at a computer every day and had heard of the Internet, I had never actually seen it. As was standard practice in 1990s workplaces, internet access had been cut off lest we employees be tempted to “abuse it for personal use” […]

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Is Your Business Ready for PR?

By Media Training expert Ollie Wilson, MatchFit Media Training Business PR and media relations are key areas that are greatly misunderstood by many firms. Many companies with good stories to tell, and plenty to blow their trumpet about, under-use PR, preferring to rely on their own social media efforts and word of mouth to grow […]

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Communication Let Me Down

Image of burnt-out telegraph pole to illustrate "Communication let me down" blog by Laura King of MatchFit Media

‘Communication let me down, And I’m left here, I’m left here’ Spandau Ballet

At MatchFit Media, we are continually surprised by companies we encounter who claim to specialise in communications but then do not or cannot communicate.

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