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Manifesto Leak May be a Blessing in Disguise for Labour

The media relations and crisis communication of General Election 2017 are absolutely fascinating. The Labour Party went into full crisis communication mode this week after its Draft Manifesto was leaked to two national newspapers and soon found its way onto the BBC TV News and into the rest of the media. But, strangely, the Manifesto […]

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How Media Coaching Could Save Labour From More Car Crash Interviews

Media coaching and media training should be routine activities in any organisation – and this is particularly the case where the key people could be called upon at any time to be interviewed by news journalists. Even more frequently than blue-chip companies, political parties field media interview requests. A general election produces a perfect storm […]

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Media Relations Madness of the Brex-ection is Just Beginning

Here we go again! The media relations madness of the Brex-ection is just beginning. Media Relations Battle Two years after the last general election and less than a year since the Referendum on EU membership, British voters are being offered a combination of the two – to the dismay of a lot of people facing […]

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Crisis Management: There’s a Special Place in the Pantheon of PR Disasters for United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

In the Crisis Management Hall of Infamy, a special place will be reserved for United Airlines and its CEO Oscar Munoz. If ever a crisis management and crisis communication coach needs a text book example of exactly how NOT to handle a crisis, Mr Munoz and United Airlines have provided it. To recap on the […]

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Media Relations: How Brexit Became The New Way to Bury Bad News

The media relations concept of “burying bad news” entered the public consciousness after the 9/11 attacks – when a UK Labour Government spin doctor watched the jets flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and blithely banged off an email to colleagues reading: “It’s now a very good day […]

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How the UK Authorities Crisis Managed the Attack by Adrian Russell Elms aka Khalid Masood

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the tragic events of Wednesday last week (22 March 2017) at Westminster Bridge and just inside the Parliamentary estate, let’s look at the crisis management employed by UK authorities following the attack. The facts: a 52-year-old man who was brought up as Adrian Russell Elms, but […]

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Crisis Management and Media Relations: the Strange Case of Brighton & Hove City Council and the i360

Brighton & Hove City Council has won its battle NOT to disclose details of the business case presented to it four years ago by the i360 attraction to secure a £36million Council loan. But what does this strange affair say about about the Council’s approach to crisis management and media relations regarding the i360? To […]

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How to Avoid the Ultimate PR Disaster

Last year – 2015 – witnessed a PR disaster of epic proportions unfold in the national media. Tragically, two children had died of carbon monoxide poisoning in an overseas apartment while on a family holiday booked with a major British holiday operator. Their father and stepmother only narrowly escaped the same fate. This in itself […]

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Seven Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter!

1. Writing is a skill. You could write the copy for your website but do you really have the time? And would you do it as well as a professional copywriter who knows all the tricks of the trade? Probably not! 2. You can’t risk busking it! Your promotional emails are vital to your business […]

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