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Archive for August, 2017

Local Authority Public Relations: More Front Than Brighton

Following many decades of criminal neglect by successive city councils (and many bunfights over whose fault it is – in truth, ALL of theirs!), Brighton and Hove City Council has at the 11th hour launched an incredibly cheeky Save Madeira Terraces crowdfunding campaign to save one of the city’s most iconic structures. It is urging […]

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Training to Get Your Personal PR Right

By Laura King Perhaps it is the “inner critic” or “self-sabotage committee” which meets in our heads which is responsible for so many of us misrepresenting ourselves with terrible Personal PR, to our detriment, in life. I have always had a reasonable understanding of the language of clothes and how to “look the part” for […]

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PR and Trump: Five Attributes of a Good Media Spokesperson

The saga of PR and Trump rolls on unabated. The world’s most overconfident man, with the poorest grasp of what his job entails, desperately needs a good media spokesperson. But the beleaguered US President’s selection of Wall Street big-hitter Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci as his communications director, a role for which the foul-mouthed mega-rich financier […]

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