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Archive for July, 2017

Car Hire PR: How Rip-Off Business Practices Negate Public Relations Work

Car hire PR professionals must be pulling their hair out at the antics of their bosses. The failings of car hire companies have long been a staple silly season story on the slow and lazy news days of summer. However this year, car rental companies have excelled themselves in offering a genuine news splash on […]

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When Property PR Backfires

When London developer Nick Scott, of CKC Properties, wanted to replace this (left) with this (below) he probably thought an interview in the local Brighton Argus would help his cause. At first all seemed promising as the print version of the Argus dutifully carried his assertion that “Brighton Still Needs 1,700 more rooms for students” […]

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Public Relations: Why is W H Smith So Hopeless with the Public?

Few businesses are more in need of a public relations makeover than W H Smith. The once-great brand has thrown its public perception out of the window in its endless pursuit of lower costs and high profit margins. If there is one place you are almost guaranteed poor customer service, it is W H Smith. […]

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