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Archive for May, 2017

Crisis Management Meltdown

The PR disasters are coming thick and fast as the UK goes into crisis management meltdown. The General Election was Theresa May’s to lose after she started with a seemingly unassailable 22-point lead over her Left-wing opponent Jeremy Corbyn. No prime minister had ever had such a huge advantage going into an election. Then Dementia […]

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Public Relations and Donald Trump Make America’s Weirdest Marriage

Public Relations and Donald Trump make America’s weirdest marriage. In his vividly colourful, surreal life, the Orange Man has used PR to help make him very rich, attack his enemies and propel him into the world’s most powerful job. And yet Trump breaks every PR rule in the book, laughs in the face of conventional […]

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Manifesto Leak May be a Blessing in Disguise for Labour

The media relations and crisis communication of General Election 2017 are absolutely fascinating. The Labour Party went into full crisis communication mode this week after its Draft Manifesto was leaked to two national newspapers and soon found its way onto the BBC TV News and into the rest of the media. But, strangely, the Manifesto […]

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How Media Coaching Could Save Labour From More Car Crash Interviews

Media coaching and media training should be routine activities in any organisation – and this is particularly the case where the key people could be called upon at any time to be interviewed by news journalists. Even more frequently than blue-chip companies, political parties field media interview requests. A general election produces a perfect storm […]

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