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Archive for April, 2017

Media Relations Madness of the Brex-ection is Just Beginning

Here we go again! The media relations madness of the Brex-ection is just beginning. Media Relations Battle Two years after the last general election and less than a year since the Referendum on EU membership, British voters are being offered a combination of the two – to the dismay of a lot of people facing […]

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Crisis Management: There’s a Special Place in the Pantheon of PR Disasters for United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

In the Crisis Management Hall of Infamy, a special place will be reserved for United Airlines and its CEO Oscar Munoz. If ever a crisis management and crisis communication coach needs a text book example of exactly how NOT to handle a crisis, Mr Munoz and United Airlines have provided it. To recap on the […]

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Media Relations: How Brexit Became The New Way to Bury Bad News

The media relations concept of “burying bad news” entered the public consciousness after the 9/11 attacks – when a UK Labour Government spin doctor watched the jets flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and blithely banged off an email to colleagues reading: “It’s now a very good day […]

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