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Archive for March, 2017

How the UK Authorities Crisis Managed the Attack by Adrian Russell Elms aka Khalid Masood

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the tragic events of Wednesday last week (22 March 2017) at Westminster Bridge and just inside the Parliamentary estate, let’s look at the crisis management employed by UK authorities following the attack. The facts: a 52-year-old man who was brought up as Adrian Russell Elms, but […]

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Crisis Management and Media Relations: the Strange Case of Brighton & Hove City Council and the i360

Brighton & Hove City Council has won its battle NOT to disclose details of the business case presented to it four years ago by the i360 attraction to secure a £36million Council loan. But what does this strange affair say about about the Council’s approach to crisis management and media relations regarding the i360? To […]

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