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Archive for May, 2015

Why media relations is still vital for business

By PR Brighton Ollie Wilson * When I started as a trainee newspaper reporter back in 1984, there were no mobile phones, no personal computers, no internet, no social media * Press releases would arrive by post, be carefully scrutinised by news editors and reporters alike, filleted for stories and duly filed on a long, […]

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The Public Relations of General Election 2015

The Public Relations of General Election 2015 * This has undoubtedly been the most exciting General Election I have followed – and one where strategy, media relations training and presentational style made a huge difference * Despite a tremendous amount of media training, there was an awkwardness and otherworldliness about the Labour Party leader that […]

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The silver strivers

The silver strivers By Brighton PR Ollie Wilson, MatchFit Media * One in 20 Britons over 70 are still working * It is not uncommon for unscrupulous employers to throw loyal staff aged 50 and above out of work * Weak employment law makes it easy for bad bosses to get rid of long-serving staff […]

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